• How We Help

    How We Help

How we help

The International Egg Foundation projects aim to improve nutrition through providing access to enhanced technology, supported by training and education programmes with a view to encouraging entrepreneurship.

Its main goals are to:

  • To fight against hunger and malnutrition amongst children, young people and families
  • To improve human nutrition and health by developing programmes that promote the correct use of high-quality protein in the diet
  • To support the healthy development of infants and children by providing high-quality protein to enhance brain development, to support concentration levels at school and boost natural immunity levels
  • To encourage the consumption of eggs in populations which have little or no access to high-quality protein
  • To make eggs more accessible to children, families and communities that are undernourished and underfed, increasing the number of eggs consumed in developing countries
  • To encourage and facilitate an increase in the number of eggs being produced locally in developing countries
  • To promote the normal function of the natural human immunity system, through improved access to high-quality protein, supported by education about health, the natural immune system and nutrition
  • To improve education, explaining the benefits of high-quality protein in the diet and encouraging knowledge sharing with others
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